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What will the price be like when the full game is released?


I'm a long time fan and have played the old demo many times through. The new Steam demo was a blast and I really liked the changes. I especially liked the camera and controls shifting around during combat, and I look forward to seeing more of it when it's released later.
My only criticism is that some of the dialogue has incorrect English and it kinda breaks the immersion sometimes.

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I found the visual style, humor, and what existed of the world-building/story to be a bit too reminiscent of Undertale, but the gameplay itself was very fun. Honestly, I think the whole game should be the style of the gnome fight, it was original and had a great concept/visuals.


Hard as balls but I loved every moment of it :)

The new indie game, inspired by Undertale and DDR, will be awesome!

Incredible game, can't wait to keep playing... : )

Made a video


The gameplay mind shattering, the concept behind the world seen so far is amazing. This is around undertales level In terms of gameplay and overrall experience one of them had a theme similar to papyrus which was cool. For sure worth buying it. I still don't know the absolute secret the game was talking about but I wanna find out the secret for myself :P.  Ps The Gnome fight was the most acid fight I've ever played it almost threw me off but Im quick to adapt.


This game is a breath of fresh air. Fun gameplay, intruiguing atmosphere, and memorable characters. Can't wait 'till it releases!

Great game! also what have you been smoking?


(Played through steam)

An incredibly promising demo! I thoroughly enjoyed the combat, despite not being the greatest at rhythm based games. The undertale references are good, as this game almost appears inspired by it. However, I hope it does not become known for it being like undertale, as that would take the spotlight away from an amazingly creative piece of work.

Overall, my only suggestion would be to change the menu screen font, away form the one undertale is commonly known for. 

This is a Great game!


I haven't heard game music Ive enjoyed so much in a LONG time which leads me to my question. What are your music influences? I see you had a Shpongle track in the older demo which gives me a good idea but just seeing if you'll impart more information.

it was 2019 and my cousin and i were looking for games to pass the time and we found a game...Everhood.when we opened it we were stunned,but after passing the frog, the ATM, the red tie, the music and the strange skull, we cried. BECAUSE?! Because it was over. But this year the fantastic official demo is coming. Keep it up, please.


I've reviewed this game with a whopping well deserved 5 stars! I'm really excited to see the full release and my wallet is ready. I really love rhythm games and to find one to be released is super lucky! I agree with a previous comment, and recommend putting a seizure warning before the main screen. But besides that I think this game is going to be excellent!

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Pretteh neato! Even if the game started lagging a bit in the last fight but it wasnt much and it seemed to get back to its normal fps. Fun fact: my only (non scripted) death was in the first 5 seconds of the first fight. Think of that what you will, i just try to dodge with the beat and stuff (cuz my reflexes from crypt of the necrodancer still exist apparently) and i end up being too slow. Also maybe put a seizure warning in the beginning of the game, like i know its on this page but what if someone didnt see it? Otherwise pretty lovely.

I can't wait for this to come out

Is it required to play Everhood on windows? It doesn't work on my mac. If not, when will there be a Linux and Mac port?

There will not be a linux or mac port for release

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You could install a Windows partition on your Mac's drive using bootcamp. A partition is a lot faster than virtualization since Windows is running directly on your Mac's hardware. This is how most gaming is done on Macs, I've done this before myself.

What the music name at the game end where the gnomes here?





I really love the game so far! The new update was pretty cool. I liked the new end sequence, and I had a blast playing it!

A few suggestions: The areas should have some more visuals and puzzles. The music tile puzzle was fun, but it would be nice to have more than just the one. And visuals is self explanatory. (I did notice that you added some visuals in the update! It's a good start, but you couldn't go wrong with a bit more.) 

In the bar fight, I preferred the special attack's name in the first version. (Waterfall of red death, as oppose to Marathon of red death technique. I don't remember the name exactly, so forgive me if I'm mistaken.) 

Another thing in the bar, when you talk to white mask (gaster) The music stops entirely - I think it might be better to have it stop and then resume after a few seconds. 

 And finally, when you confront gold pig, I noticed a small typo when he says that it's best to get rid of you. 

I really look forward to seeing the game completed! It's very promising so far, and I've had a fantastic time with it. 


Very fun game! Combat is interesting and fresh, the aztec/mushroom fight was an amazing trip. Very nice music as well!


The club is kind of barren, could do with some set dressing. In fact, most of the areas could do with some side visuals or more puzzles, as its a bit disappointing to just run through black areas just following a path.

Likely due to it being a demo, but the combat ramps up a bit to quickly. You went into final boss visuals for the fourth fight in the game during Act 1. Could tone it down for the final release.

(not really criticism) The fights are amazing, but I worry that it might be hard to make an entire game with fights these complex and unique. Most games have some sort of trash mob, but every fight in this game is the equivalent of a boss fight. Makes for very memorable encounters, but I worry that the pacing/length will suffer.

The music box puzzle sound positioning is a bit odd. I spent around 5 minutes feeling around in the dark for something because you could narrow down the source of the music, but I didn't find anything. Maybe the music source could be changed to a strip of area instead of a point, or some interactive object could be placed at the music source.

Kind of a nitpick, but the combat feels a tiny bit cramped. The notes start a tiny bit too close to plan in my opinion. Could leave it as is if you are going for that style though.

In conclusion, I will be following this game to see where it goes, and am eagerly looking forward to the full release!  Amazing work so far!

I do agree! I also loved the visuals, and thought it could use some smaller random  encounters. 

The game feels a lot like undertale, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it was a pretty great game. I personally don't mid the barren background too much, and was used to more strict reflex timing, and although the combat got more and more difficult(I struggled a bit with the bar fight), it wasn't that big of a problem(think of cuphead). 

However, the fights were all fairly long, and I wouldn't mind them being just slightly shorter. It would make learning the patterns easier and less frustrating when you die. I am also curious to see how the diffiiculty scales up, as there isn't much you can do before it becomes a complete clutterfest. You could try to change it up a bit with various challenges, without completely abandoning the core mechanic. For example, I noticed how you clear levels without jumping at all, so you could have a ceiling tht slowly goes down and prevents you from jumping. Or, you can have a battlefield that slowly narrows down, from 5 lanes to 2 lanes.  I will once again be referencing Undertale for this. In undertale, you coud have a normal heart, a ddr heart, a blue heart, a yellow heart, and so on (I haven't played all of Undertale yet so I may not know everything). This helps the game stay varied and interesting to the player (See this

Some stray thoughts:

 The visuals are in my opinion, absolutely amazing, with a rare aesthetic.

The music puzzle was, whilst easy, very fun. 


Lots of potential with a bit of variation, interesting gameplay, 4.5 out of 5


Masterpiece. BTW nice Undertale reference

I love this but the new music is CRAZY I can't wait more of this. :D

Holy crap what an incredible game! This had me laughing and sweating the entire time. Excellent work devs. Can't wait for the full release!

oh my god dude! Your game is a blast! "expect the unexpected" holds true to this scenario. Lotta fun, thank you for this gem/ 

Drop what you’re doing and play this game, support these devs, and go wishlist this on Steam! Loved every second of this game. :)


This is one of the best games I ever played. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to some new mechanics, story etc. Seriously, great job!!!

Good game! Here's my Review!

love this game


I loved the gameplay, it's something very innovative and I can't wait for the full version (sorry if I have any mistakes, I don't speak English so I used the Google translator hehe)

I really enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to the finished product!

A very enjoyable video, thank you for making it and all the positive vibes!

I like this game a lot, so i await for release. Thank you for this vertical slice and good luck in develop.

After you released an last update, i replay the game and found this bug. lul tsss i'll try to get my arm back from his backpack *ehhehhe*


The vertical slice was an absolute JOY to play. I used to played rhythm games back in the day and this is such a nice evolution / divergence of the genre. There's an intriguing story and world, with plenty of characters I'm genuinely interested enough to engage with to learn more about what the hell is going on in this place (especially with all the cryptic dialogue). The MUSIC though is bloody fantastic and there wasn't a track I didn't genuinely enjoying listening to. I'd buy the OST for this in a heartbeat. Replaying battles was rewarding enough purely to listen to the music again. The visuals were great too and matched perfectly with the theme of the game.

I broke down my feedback into some rough bullet points below so hopefully these help with development! Otherwise amazing job overall - actually SUPER keen to play the full version.

Pros / Keep doing this:

  • music is great. would 100% buy the OST - made replaying levels enjoyable just for the chance to hear the music again
  • difficult progression was good. new obstacles introduced with each new fight was paced well. intro frog fight was a solid tutorial
  • checkpoints were a godsend in the longer battles
  • even when shit got crazy with a bunch of notes coming towards you it was relatively easy to adapt and go with the flow. Again the music telegraphed incoming attacks and pauses extremely well
  • health is nice and forgiving but not TOO forgiving
  • story / world is suitably mysterious. lots of potential to learn more about the world from random NPCs like the ones in the dance club. Feels like exploring the world and choosing certain dialogue options will lead to some interesting story paths
  • the music tone-match puzzle was awesome and suited the game very well
  • visuals are awesome - match the music perfectly. Seeing the enemy animations as they cast their notes was great. I'll admit I died a few times purely because I was enjoying watching their movements haha

Crits / suggestions:

  • bop the player to the beat of the music
  • different sprites for each lane position
  • make each note light up the square tile that is underneath it as it passes over so it's easier to read timings. Was often difficult to tell when I was clear to jump simply due to the shape of the note graphic. If I can see how quickly a tile is being lit / unlit it'd be easier to read the note timing
  • (might already be fixed) if you replay the ATM battle there's no way to forfeit and just go back to the overworld if you've already cleared the battle
  • clearer boundaries in the overworld for movement / more definition to the world. I'm sure this is already in development but yeah just general more art assets in the overworld when exploring (although I do like the abundant use of empty black areas!)
  • was able to tap my keyboard pretty well along with the beat of the music to avoid obstacles but sometimes it was a little off. Any potential to sync the player actions up more with the notes would be sweet
  • the 3D model enemies were awesome but I'm on the fence if they fit the game overall? Either add more 3D elements into the game (battle / overworld environments) or commit to the 2D pixel art for the enemy encounters for consistency, otherwise they feel a liiiiittle bit out of place

I really appreciate this game with an amazing combination of pixel graphics and rhythm based elements I'd be more than happy to play this game in full if it gets a full release. Keep up the good work :D

I enjoyed this game I like rythm of the music and others thhings like that thanks

i absolutely loved this game, it simply was magical, and mysterious, which are both qualities that i really loved while playing this game. I will say that sometimes controls were a bit iffy, (specifically when the blocks in front of the "notes" couldnt be escaped until you move to the side) but the only reason being that there was no instruction that wouldve prevented me fro restarting the level  with the knowledge of NOT being able to jump over those rectangular blocks. But everything else in here was amazing! i'll try to see if i can scrape up enough money to buy a full version when it comes out. graphics were beautiful, and the music was really cool too! everything about this game was amazing!! keep up the amazing work guys!!!

This is a very good game if you like undertale and beat games with great story, music and characters.

It was really good, I wish there was a skip option for dialogue, or at least a skip so it finishes the sentence instantly. Also, the levels are sooo long, which can be fun but if you mess up and die you have to restart like 3 minutes of work it can be really unfun to play because of that. Also the game didn't tell me how to deal with the keys with the long blocks on top ( i think it means use up and to the right/left keys) so i have to move slots and jump at the same time. maybe there could be like a mini tutorial at the beginning about that.  Also the health system was extremely confusing, at the beginning i thought oh they made it very generous because it's sorta like a demo version. but later on it was like 3 lives, but if you beat a section of the battle you heal 1, but obviously if you used all 3 lives at once you'd have to restart, but sometimes, i swear i got hit & it made the sound but the bar wouldn't go down. and I was just in a battle where I would lose all 3 lives but the battle would continue on and refill my bar to full? So I'm very confused as to how that all works. But overall the game is great, the art, sound effects, dialogue, etc is perfect! and the music in the battles is soooo gooddd, overall 7/10! and this is just the short version so it could definitely become a 9 or a 10/10 in the future with some minor changes & polishing. keep up the good work! :)

Very awesome game!!

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