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Everhood is an unpredictable game with musical gameplay elements with a wonderland-esque world.

 It is mainly focused on gamers that are looking for new innovative experience.

A wooden doll is awoken in a forest glade on a quest to retrieve back his arm that was stolen by a blue gnome thief.


Arrowkeys or WASD movement
Enter/spacebar or E  interact
F3 fullscreen
F5song mute         

Additional information

If you are a video-maker/youtube/streamer there is a chance that you want to disable the music when you meet the white skeleton.
The song might take down your video because of copyright laws.
Shpongle - Shpongolese Spoken Here (old demo)

Sorry about that inconvinence.

Potential Spoiler: Songs used: Chris Nordgren's homebrew soundcloud music Dancefloor is Lava - Tinnitus Dance
Cazok - Seeing Red

Caution: Linux/Mac version are untested. Please go ahead and send us a message if they do not work.

This is only a short version of the game, also known as a vertical slice.


Feel free to make sure to contact us through email, directly to our twitters accounts or discord with suggestions, ideas or feedback :)





Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(154 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Rhythm, Role Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Experimental, Music, Mystery, Pixel Art, Top Down Adventure, Undertale
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksCommunity, Support


March 2019 DEMO 117 MB
[OLD DEMO] Vertical Slice Everhood v1.0.9.zip 74 MB

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Random Scuffed Games #60


Vorgeschlagen von: Maskedflow

Sehr geil. Undertale meets Guitar Hero und ich finde es Großartig. Die Musik, die Spielmechanik, der Artstyle und allgemein das Gesamtkonzept hat mir wirklich sehr gut gefallen. Bei gelegenheit werde ich mal in die Vollversion blicken, aber bereits die Demo war angenehm herausfordernd und hatte die ein oder andere Überraschung parat.


Dito: 5/5

Chat: 4.9/5

Gesamt: 4.95/5

Hey, cool game! BTW I'm working on a beat mapper app for music-based games. It's called MBOY Editor (https://vfpe.itch.io/mboy-editor) Do you want to try it for your game? Vic

This Demo is just great all the way 

Can you please release the full game on it h for purchase.

I would like to know if I am crazy or not. Is there anything to the Cart Carnival's theater? Or is it just repeating static?


There's nothing to it.

Best rythem and story game ever.

Currently, I'm not able to buy the full game, but I absolutely love the demo and it makes me super excited for when I'm able to buy the actual game! I love how the story elements and rhythm game bits mesh together nicely, and as someone who likes games like Undertale and OneShot, the introductory puzzle really hit a sweet spot for me.

I can really tell that you put a lot of effort into this, and I can't wait to see where you go in the future. Thank you for such a wonderful demo experience! I've never been more excited for a full game after playing one!

Amazing job!

I thought this would be released on itch as well.

Will the full game be released on itch?

Is there a community poll? Rasta Beast is my favorite character.


Gameplay is great. More than great its perfect.

Story is so weird, vague and cryptic that it nearly ruined my enjoyment of the game. The chracters, (the ones that actually get a decent amount of screentime), are pretty neat.


Undertale but a rhythm game. It's not bad.



I really hope this game hits it big, it deserves so fucking much.




100000/10 good games 


Great game! I love the mechanics. 

Wow! Really great music and what a unique concept! Unfortunately I think I made it as far as I ever will but I look forward to your future developments!

Spanish review-gameplay of this great demo! love it.



idk why the last section was basically an ACID TRIP but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Fun combat, but it was a little hard to time the jump correctly (at least for me)

Hard but fun! 

I can see that you probably took inspiration from Undertale and guitar hero, which is cool, but I think it would be better if you added an attack system. I also think that you should add a tutorial.

Great game though! Can't wait for the final game.

( I can't remember but I believe in the trailer you can attack later on in the story. )

Yes you can, in the second half of the game


I really enjoyed the demo and im looking forward to the release! 

I dont quite dig the health system though. If i didnt miss anything it just recharges after a while, right? I think it might be more fun if you had to meet certain conditions to get health back, like jumping over nodes or collecting something/hearts/health  on the screen as it often feels like health doesnt matter at all until you really screw up, which means that parts of a song that are more quiet cant really hurt you at all. 

Also it could be more clear visually when you have to jump and i hope that there will be some more variety, like different obstacles or powers in the later game.

That being said, i love the gameplay and the general idea. Your art style is great and i adore the atm enemy. 

i really enjoyed myself and consider purchasing the full game when it comes out.

I wish you the best of luck and success!


This was a fantastic experience. I can see all the hard work and love in this game and the heavy inspiration from Undertale and Guitar Hero?  I'm impressed by how you guys crafted such a unique identity to Everhood. The trippy visuals and the 2.5d is really something. The only thing I'm concerned about is once the initial rush fades with the dodging and jumping that it might  feel like something else could be added to the gameplay. I wonder if you're going to add (or there already are) usable items or something else to spice it up or maybe the battles will be varied enough that it won't feel repetitive. Anyways I can't wait to play the full release.  There's definitely something special here. 


0/10 too hard


Linux version??


Unfortunatly not for the demo. We are looking foward to it for release, not confirmed yet

One, that was fucking nuts.

Two, I love it.

Even though the style of this game is kinda all over the place, it still has its charm. You could take a bit more inspiration from octopath traveller when walking around in the world. All in all, the soundtrack was just as wicked as the characters you face, so it works really well. Wishlisted it, and will buy it.

Really enjoyable little game with a great soundtrack that took me by surprise (mostly the gnome fight lol) I feel like the jump and movement is a little too tight but manageable. I found myself running into bullets while dodging others because the gap looked wide enough but it wasn't.

Overal 9/10 would play again

this is an expirience thai I realy enjoyed! the game has good charm and I realy liked the music. 10/10 rould play again

(1 edit) (+1)

I absolutely love this game the art style reminds me of under tale and poket mirror the soundtrack blew my mind and the over all game play is very hard even on easy mode please keep it up I cant wait to play the full game although the jumping isn't very reliable I would probable make the jump like a split second longer but the over game is fantastic I love all of the game machanics and it has some great potential but please fix that jump '

one more thing I would like to know if the incinerator is posibleto beat because it seems way harder than the gnome fight


That games seems amazing but jumping just doesnt feel right. I feel like i am pressing a useless button everytime i jump.

(2 edits) (+1)

Absolutely amazing demo! Truly unique and fun experience. Can't wait for when it releases!

Step on character...

Player can be step on some of the characters...

Somehow I can walk through this guy on the top, It's that a bug?

I was very enjoyed the game! Concept is cool, Artwork is beauty, visual effect is amazing! And kinda have some shadow of the Undertale. ha-ha!

Suggestions of gameplay:

In battle:

  • Jumping time is fixed, sometime just jump a little earlier and player will be hit, if player can jump longer by holding jumping key it will be better.
  • Attacks is too dense but too easy to dodge, hitbox (judge ways) is weird, attack patterns is so predictable that you can just stand there and do nothing, even watch the monster dance, and sometime just keep jump and switch left and right you can avoid all of the attacks.
  • Auto recover is given too fast, maybe disable auto recover and replace it with healing item drop from the monster, player need to collect it by himself will make the game more interested and challenging.
  • Pause screen is totally blocked every thing of the battle, if player forgot the position of the attacks already on the screen, they will be hit when continue, if pause screen have half of the opacity or have a countdown timer while continue is much better.

Suggestions of control:

  • Finished the Demo with controller (XBOX), I think if player can dash with "X" (or other) button is a good choice instead of tap D-pad or analog stick twice.

  • If the system can keep the running state when player changed the direction is better!

  • In items/system menu, "B" is no function for now, but most of games use "B" button to return, maybe you guys can give it a try?

Hope this game can be better and better! Cheer!

I think if their was items that heal then it would be way to similar to undertale and it would make it a turnbased game and I don't think that the devs want it to be like an undertale au fan game but you have some very good ideas

Major Spoiler Warning so skip over if you have not played

Okay, so first off, amazing job, i can only dream of doing something this well. I absolutely loved every fight in the game. The Frog at the beginning was easy, as expected, the ATM a reasonable upgrade in the combat, to further get you enveloped. (btw the music is fuckin amazing, well done, either on selections, or creation) the V.I.P. guy, was another great boost in difficulty.  Although there are probably secret fights, (I have not found then yet) the fire scene was great, loved the track, but after that, the re-telling of the previous bosses you have fought were creative, and diffucult. You could probably make a harder diffuculty in the full game for those who have completed it already. the Gnome part tho. . . was brilliant, it took what the game could handle and showed us, just how good the full game will be! I love how Crasy the fight got, from the echoed images, to the turning upside down, it just felt very creative.

Overall great work, keep at it, and do well. I will (and already have) recommend this game to others, as I stick by to. 19.7645/5.67 (the rating i gave it)


How much will the full version of the game cost? 




It depends on the region where you live but similar prices like other indie games. 9.99$ or 9.99 euro. :)


I feel like the atm machine should say:

Hello, I'm an "ATM" Machine also known as an "Automated Teller Machine" Machine

Thanks for the suggestion 


The gnome fight was one of the best gaming moments I've ever experienced haha. Incredibly fun game!

One thing I think could improve this game is a bit more forgiveness in the mechanics. There was a great talk recently in GDC by butterscotch shenanigans that discusses this. Essentially, I think there could be a bit more wiggle room in terms of timing and when the player gets hit. Also extending out the notes slightly to be a bit further out to give the player more notice would be appreciated. 

Nonetheless, a fantastic game! Wishlisted and can't wait for the game to come out.


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