Hectic weeks and some thoughts!

It has been a fierce couple of weeks. Lots of progress and really wrapping up everything, but we are still not done. It’s now very clear we cannot add more content as the latest stuff we added is a bit unstable or made other things unstable, which was expected of course!

But we are confident we can glue up everything in a solid and shippable way.

This project has been a pure passion and it really shows through the entire experience, you’ll see.

We really can’t wait for people to play it and I sincerely hope we get a lot of youtube playthroughs, I can’t wait to see people’s reactions!

Right now what takes most of our time is to playtest the entire thing over and over, from now on there will be no more extra content and we focus on  the game being as bug free as possible (we’ll try but it is hard to get them all!).

On a more a personal speculation I’d like to share:

I like talking about Everhood and doing marketing theatrics and twitter and whatnot, but I also have a biting anxious feeling that I don’t want to become famous. Even though there is a very unlikely chance that might happen.

I’m worried about youtube videos talking about me without my acknowledgement, even if it sold the game more because of it. It is troubling as I know how vicious the internet can be and they can angle the story and distort it.

Sometimes I get ideas that might involve putting me in the spotlight. I usually hesitate about such ideas because of the thoughts above.

I tend to insist on myself that I don’t really care what other people think but it is also a lie to a certain degree. There is still a part of me that feel anxious when it comes to these types of interactions.

If Everhood would sell really badly this anxious feeling would probably disappear altogether and it would fuel me to get me into a state known as “blodtand”, which is a part of me that essentially motivates me tremendously and try to gain back money and time I have lost. Most likely I won’t feel like that  just after release but maybe a year after!

I don’t think Everhood will be received badly as I am really happy with the product, but it is hard to know how well it will sell!

But I think we’ll be fine.

Aim for the best, plan for the worst!
Artwork by OHLORDY

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I can't assure that your game will be a bestseller or that you would sell thousands of copies, but the thing I'm sure with is that your game is going to mark and go with the new generation of indie Rpgs. I love Everhood, I listed to the soundtrack regularly and also I see a lot of fandom and good comments on the discord.

Maybe the part of being famous, and makint a lot of noise on the internet, etc, could put you in a hard situation, but well, it's part of the process, to have that in mind, to not sell even, it's a pretty undertrandable thought. 

The only thing I can assure is that there's going to be a lot of people like me that would play, love and share the game experience. You're making something really different, interesting and inspiring. I see a lot of potential on being a cult game or something like that.

So, besides marketing and that kind of sh*t you have to make in order to get known and etc, the real work, as in the case of most succesful indie games, is made by the fans and the community. You both been working a lot on this. Make your last effort, make noise, do whatever you need to make this something that is worth in the economic part. Then, it's our turn, to make a bigger a bigger community, to tell our friends, to play and enjoy, and make fanart.

As a novel developer, your game has been a lot of inspiration, and at least, I can tell, since the day I've played Everhood I knew that you archieved something I couldn't even imagine at the beggining. Now, I want to be part of that movement; a new generation of indie RPGs that gives the player a new perspective on how can things be done and how much the genre can give.

I send you good vibes!, goodluck. As soon as Everhood's out, You'll have my money and my time.

yo dont let anything discourage you... dont presume to yourself that theres already obstacles in your way or you'll never make it... Personally, this game has more potential than you think its worth. Dont give up, the gnomes are counting on you >:}

p.s. : ive replayed the demo so many times its not funny!