Lot of work right now!

We are currently in another steam festival showcasing the same demo! 

I suspect most of you already played the demo, if you haven’t ..uhm.. Do it!

Lately I have been the one doing these devlogs alone mainly because Jordi is busy with other more important aspects but we still wanted to keep in touch on what we are sort of working on.

But for now I want to mention that we are going to continue with these devlogs every 3rd week for now and we might stay silent for a while just so we can really focus on making a great game.

We still have a lot/few months until 2021 Q1 but those months go fast if I don’t count the days!

Mimi made an artwork that I think captured quite an essence from the discord channel!

A lot of people have a lot of questions about the game and I have repeatedly just answered a lot of these questions with “spoilers”.

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Gotta love that creative flow when you just get right into it. Good luck for the big push to 2021!