Time to start wrapping up the game again!

Artwork by Sawn
We are already at november.

How Everhood looked back in August when we decided to postpone and now how it looks today has been a very positive experience.

The game overall feels very tight, it can always be better but then the work would be endless. But the time we have got I think we have done above expectations.

I have always an itch to add more content and battles, but as november has come it is really about just bugtesting and replaying and making sure all the content is stable and all edge cases covered, this is mainly due that our testing efforts are limited. 

We ask playtesters to play while we monitor them, some of these testers have been willing to replay the experience several times which has been very useful for us.

Without going into too much detail we are working on high risk-high reward type of features and it is too early to promise anything. But it is hard to not reveal anything, just know that we are hard at work and trying our best!

The game will come out 2021 Q1 regardless and the mere thought that the game will be out hypes me up.

Now I need to continue feature creeping!

Artwork by pointlessfield

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This is so good to see! The trailer still has me hyped up and I can't wait to see how much cooler the fights get. Good luck and push until the end!

Yoooooo I cant wait bro, this game is the shizz!

You guys are freaking awesome! Still super hyped for release!

Awesome! Keep up the great work. Loved the last build, looking forward to checking it out again! :)