Everhood is Out

It has been an absolute delight making this game and now releasing it and seeing such a positive reception is truly transcendental and we couldn’t be happier.


We would like to thank all discord members for showing their support, all the fanart, all moderators, the playtesters and amazing guest musical artists. It was what pushed us to take everything to the next step. We cannot truly express our gratitude regarding this.

I just like to highlight the  many ongoing activities in our discord channel like:

Custom Battle Editor

Everhood Custom Battle Editor is this massive feature we added at the very last second before launch. There is a lot of activity to learn the tools and there are already several battles and promising ideas!


We promised early in development to release the entire everhood localization script for anyone to translate the game or give feedback!There are several dedicated groups in discord, if you are curious please come in and check it out!



Also go to the yetee store to check out awesome merch available at: 



Everhood soundtrack on spotify:

Send us an email about how the game you feel, we will most likely read it. 
Please make sure to review the game once you have finished the game, we really appreciate it.


Have a great night everyone.

Ps: If you are wondering why the game is not available here on itch.io it is mainly because we don't want to stretch ourselves thin mangaging  storefronts. 

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