The divine moments of creativity

Artwork by: Roposhipin

I have worked as a professional video game artist for more than 6 years now.

But I have worked on creative tasks ever since I was born.

Drawing pokemon characters to make mockups on paper illustrating skateboard RPG mechanics and visuals when I was a kid.

I have made movies, artwork, animations, music, stories and games all thanks to this one thing I have managed to harness throughout the years.

It is something I like to call a creativity psychosis.

Ideas and a relentless and harmful eagerness appears from nowhere and I have to output this on paper or a document. 

For all my personal work this is essential and it is the feeling I hunt for and try to make a center of in my work, these moments of fleeting insanity!

It is intriguing and exciting to work like this but it is very tiresome.

I can’t focus on what tasks to do, I just allow myself to do what I want.

I’d like to say that I have a disciplined mind and work lifestyle, because when I get a task I tend to try to finish it properly and as fast as I can without losing quality. That attitude can be tiresome in the long run, so getting this rollercoaster ride where I just go absolutely nuts is sometimes appreciated.

This is one of the reasons I can’t really change jobs. I live for these moments and I don’t think I would find it anywhere else. Being a game developer allows me to benefit from these manic episodes and to be able to step back and look at it. Being an indie game developer cranks up that 20x times which I fear can become quite unhinged.

Which is why I appreciate working with someone else for a game project for several reasons from a creative point of view.

Most of the time I feel I can benefit from this as I would say I have had a successful career as a video game developer employee, and we’ll see if it holds true as an indie game developer in a few months.

In writing this I had to stop eating breakfast just to get these words out fresh from the print so to say.

I’d just like to point out that I have whatsoever no psychological education, nor can I evaluate my own mind with psychologists terms, I just use the words that I see fit.

 (and unfortunately I like the shock value!)

Artwork by Zimithrus1

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