A look back into the dark times

Artwork by PlagueDok

We are now in Q1 2021 soon we will announce the release date but we are not ready yet, there are still things we need verify and test before we give the green flag and can give you a date.

I’d just like to say that before we go into this frenzy period I’d just like to say the development of Everhood has been an absolute magical journey, a true game dev development story.

We have gotten so much help, advice and solutions appearing when we have needed it. We have also worked really hard to make sure what we release is something we are happy with. For a long time I have felt this might be the coolest thing I’ve ever done. There are still things I would like to improve but all-in-all I am really happy.

But there was a time last year in 2019 I got really sick. It got so bad I couldn’t sit down without my chest hurting so intensely that I couldn’t focus on anything. It was even affecting if I thought about working, this all was during the last month before I got diagnosed with diabetes type 1.

I remember that during one of those worst days I was just praying if I could just get one productive week to be able to finish Everhood, just the last piece and so Jordi could just wrap the game up because I was pretty much crawling to finish everything. When playing the game now I can’t shake the feeling that the growing sickness I had really contributed to the story and what direction it was taking, seeing how everything has turned out to be, which is fantastic in it’s own way. Now that I am healthy again, I have been working as usual, or to be honest a bit too much.

But I justify my reason because:

The best ideas and initiatives come at the end of the development!”

Artwork by: OHLORDY


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Now that is some serious dedication right there. I am so happy to see that Everhood is turning out the way it is and that you got over your sickness. Good luck, and let's survive the final stretch!

No seriously i replay the demo with so much enthusiasm that it not enough to just wave a stick at. Keep up the good work dudes and dudettes ( and tell OHL4DY i says hullo)

No time for discord gots stuff i should be working on too ;p