​Why am I doing this?

Some days I wish Everhood could have just been done, some days I wish I could redo the entire game, some days I wish I made another game entirely.

But some days I can’t wait to get home to continue developing Everhood and my head is sprawling with ideas that I just need to get into the game.

I keep returning to the same thoughts being a creative, why am I doing this?
What am I gaining?

The video game industry news reports often that developers get treated unfairly and have bad job conditions, mostly these reports comes from America. Making your own game company is just a million other problems that comes with.

There are many companies that do succeed, but if one would look into how many companies starts and fades away within only a few years is probably a big number.

Financially it makes more sense joining another industry rather than make it in the video game industry, especially if one wants to have a normal work day routine.

So why am I doing this? Why do I make games knowing that most of the industry is not so great?

Some people do it to prove it to others, some people do it to prove to themselves.

I am doing this because I think about making entertainment all the time, I just can’t seem to turn that off.

Even when I am exhausted, my mind is set on “When I am full of energy again I want to start doing this”.

In one way I want to make Everhood free so people can play the game without any restrictions whatsoever, having an enormous amount of my free time on just releasing for free does not feel the best. I don’t think Jordi wouldn’t want to release something he has been working a lot of his time to be just for free.

There is certainly products that are released free but having ads or in-app purchases on a game like Everhood just feels... not right. 

Setting a price tag on Everhood I hope won’t doom the game, I want to see lets play of the game and see people's reaction on certain areas of the game. Seeing other people play my games have been an indulgence I really didn’t know existed when I started my game development career. To view someone else play your game is nerve wreacking because you are always hoping the player won’t encounter any bugs or player gets confused and walk around in circles, most of the time it is a pain to watch but it is also an opportunity for me to address it someway to improve it.

One thing that really keeps me going is to see all the videos that will be posted on youtube and similar, making the best experience possible is what we are aiming todo.

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Making games is a tough assignment. Takes time, work, courage, and even money sometimes. Just know that what you are making has turned into something really special to me, and inspired me in many things i aspire to do. 

I would gladly pay any amount of money for it, as i think more games like this need to be encouraged, games that are different and touch people in different manners, without fear of not fitting in. Your game is a true gem and i thank you for making it.


I just wanted to say, I absolutely loved your game. Not just as a general "liked", I really love what you've done.

The characters are awesome looking, the battles are a journey, and it takes rhythm games to a place in terms of story, that rhythm games haven't really been before.

I know, when you read comments, even ones of praise, then it can be hard to actually "feel" anything from them. It's hard for them to change your mindset. Don't feel bad about that, I know the feeling personally.

I just hope you take this compliment to heart.

I really liked your game. And as another passionate video game lover and as another entertainment artist then you inspire me. So much so, that if I ever find myself on sites like itch.io then this is always the first page I check.

Thank you for putting in the work. I promise you when your game comes out, then at least one person will buy it in a heartbeat

Don't give up!  This is a good game with a unique playstyle but familiar and almost nostalgic feel from it's JRPG-like format, and I would hate to see it die.  The game industry is a vicious and pretty cutthroat, but that's why you see so many indie games nowadays, cause ppl have a story they want to tell or art they want to show and they want to get it out without the big companies stomping on their creativity and there's now lots of platforms and places like itch.io to let them try!  And this game here?  This has a lot of potential and is already stacking up to be a wonderful game, atleast in my eyes.

Also don't worry about pricing!  As long as the demo slice stays free, ppl will give it a shot and get hooked by it.  I mean think of alot of the recent breakout games these past few years: FNaF, Undertale, Untitled Goose game, Don't Starve, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, Subnautica, just to name a few!  All of them cost to buy, but ppl played their demos and got super hooked and we're willing to pay cause the demo was so intriguing!  Not to mention if a YouTuber picks it up or a gaming news website picks it up and reports on it, you tend to get to get a ton of traffic.  You'll be noticed, I'm sure of it, this is too good to be missed.

So don't give up and keep believing in yourself and your game!  I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us! :D

I feel a lot of passion coming from this and I think that's why a lot of people make games/want to get into the industry. 

I honestly wish you luck on your work and I honestly think a price tag won't doom it. There's nothing wrong with wanting to make something and get paid for it too.