Playtest & Vacation

Last devlog post seems to have slipped between chairs but fear not we are still working on Everhood!

Jordi and me were working in fullspeed to get game in a good state for a playtesting session.

The previous playtest went so well so we have been working on new content, but that new content first inital reaction surprised me in a alarming way. Without going into to much detail, we are going to have to do  more playtests in the upcoming future to verify the experience isn't to ....jarring?

A lot of discussion occured what to do with this new information. If we should adjust current gameplay or keep iterating on what we already have? In the end me and Jordi decided the goal of the project is about surprising but in also making the evoke fun and memorable experience and We only have one playthrough data on a unfinished product so we shouldnt tailor the development entirely because the results turned lukewarm, the content is also not finished which is very important to notify. To summerize: The playthrough went in a unexpected way but we deciding to stick with our story forward because we believe what we got.

We will probably do another big local playtest somewhere in middle of december with some new content, hopefully the reception will be good! If not, I will most likely report it here and we see from there where we will steer the project.

Jordi and me aim to make Everhood the best of what it can be, but we are also willing to take more risks because this project is not get all the monies, its about making something wicked awesome that will imprint or haunt you and go like

"Remember that thing in Everhood when..."

I love those moments and I feel thats the stuff I want Everhood to be like.

Lately I have not been working and been disconnected entirely from my computer.
I have been on some well deserved vacation where I decided to go to Japan. I have visited many different things and only had a mild jetlag which counts as a great success. 

I feel I should have mentioned that in the discord channel, but I will be back at the computer within next few weeks.

Looking forward to get back to work!
Here is a weird picture from Japan:

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Yeah, i recognize those sunglasses. That is truly a "weird picture from Japan"

Dude that is one hella cool looking cafe there!  Nice choice, I love the Candyland-esque theme!  And don't worry, the whole point of testing is to figure out what works and refine things with what data you collect, good or bad.  That sounds like what you're doing, so keep on pushing forwards.  We'll be here to support you!

This is is EPIC it is a nice and fun game would buy full game