Steam prepping

As most discord members have noticed we have made a trailer but not yet published them online publicly

We are still working on the steam announcement and according to some documentation about how steam works we get a little spotlight in the steam store when we make our storepage public. We thought we try to take everything a bit more serious and focus on getting all the assets into a good state before going online on steam in hopes to maybe gain some more visibility that will make our Everhood stand out.

That is why stuff has taken longer time for us to release the trailer. We would want to release it as fast as possible but if we only have a trailer and some nice descriptions it won’t do us any good.

We will be posting some artwork in the discord channel on how the steam page looks like so make sure to look through there once in a while

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Just take your time. We can wait.

Also, I'm like 90% sure people are going to notice this solely because the main character looks like Gino.