Lots of work

Phew there sure has been a lot todo lately

Working hard and planning a lot. New must-have features have appeared when we noticed what was needed to be done and we are adding them on a tight deadline which is slightly taxing.

But we know the features we are looking into will help spread the game so we are doing our best with the given situation.

I very recently played the entire game and it has been sometime since I’ve done it and it’s great to see that not a lot of game breaking things have appeared, only slightly game breaking or things behaving not intended but still functional.

As I have been looking into smaller parts of the game I can’t wait to go back into working on the later end content development so I can focus on wrapping up everything into a neat package.

Seeing some dialogue in earlier parts of the game have made me cringe a few times and I know I can make it better now which I look forward to tweaking. I personally find humour quite hard to write but when seeing some friends play the game I am surprised they laugh on things I don’t necessarily find funny, which I like to think is good. Hopefully you will get to experience it ..soon

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