Dodging and jumping are some of the common ways to move in videogame battles. Sometimes when those battles get harder, the player has to jump and move at the same time while unfortunately in Everhood that was not so great.

Until now!

After hearing some feedback from the community especially in our discord server about  the jump + move movement

" It felt quite cranky when you jump and move simultaneously, I just didnt knew what was happening and didnt knew if my jump and move actually were having any effect."
{S.S.E.} EriHero.

We decided to treat it as another movement and added the JUMP ROLL

Might be more accurate to call it flipping or somersault but jump roll sounds nicer

We added some nice animations and fixes so it behaves better in the game.

Here is how it look like: 

The feature is not available in the demo but in the upcoming full game!

Being open to feedback has surely been the best decision we made.
Thank you to everyone who spent their precious time on to writing feedback :)

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This feature seems to roll pretty amazingly.

The quality is so good it makes my eyes roll... back to the game.

My head is rolling from seeing this.