We just had our first playtest after the demo release 

It took sometime and a lot of discussions embarked during the testing. There is certainly potential here but we still need to fix and adjust stuff

We won’t make the perfect game but it sure will be something you will enjoy and share with your friends this crazy adventure. 


 I keep looking for something that will potentially break the entire thing but so far haven’t found anything that hasn’t been able to fix. 

Tomorrow we will have another internal playtest and try to go through the entire game. This will be an entire new playtester as previously we have had returning playtesters so I am excited to see how this one goes. Usually, our playtesting is done on-location but this one will be through private streaming due to coronavirus.

 As we have set up a hard deadline and a promise that the game will be done Q4(October-December) 2020 I am always (very in lack of better words) vigilant of not adding new features or behaviors, we have already done some of it known as feature-creeping but we have setup dates of content-lockdown as no more adjustments of features after a specific date to help us shipping the game. 

Hopefully this playtest will show good results even if we have some buffer time before release. But we really want to have more life-quality features added such as more settings controls or flesh out more environmental parts of the game as they tend to be things we have prioritized lower in the production.


 Like usual after a playtest session I am completely exhausted from being focused all day. We encountered a few game-breaking bugs but not serious cases as they are all easy to fix.

The testers gave us a lot of useful info and we are in a good space but not in a shipping state yet. We are gonna take some time to adjust the problems which will probably be fixed fast but then also polish the bits that we are not so proud of. In a few weeks, we will do additional internal testing.

Overall I think the test went superbly, we know some pain points that still need to be addressed, some that are hard and some that just require a cup of coffee which are not a priority to adjust.

Artwork made by Kweef

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That's great to hear! Keep up the good work