Vampire Boy name suggestions!

Vampire boy is a mischievous and energetic little guy and looks young but you never know with vampires how old they are, spoilers! The criteria is

  • We prefer something gender neutral but any name is welcome!
  • Feel free to pitch any name in discord channel Vampire Boy’s name in the channel #vampire-boy-names

Now back to our biweekly devlog:

Sometimes it feels like nothing has changed and sometimes everything is changed

We have feature creeped some content and done many changes based on playtesting but mostly fixing bugs that occurred during testing We also started to make internal proofreading which have improved some dialogues tremendously but haven’t got through the entire game as we are looking at all dialogues with a microscope

We will continue going forward with internal playtesting many looking at different difficulties and also trying to improve some animations during the story As always, we can’t wait to release the game… when it's done! Very much looking forward to Q4

The purple artwork made by: 0HLO4DY

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PouBoo or "The Booman"(lol)
Bites the Dust
Mr. LooksYoung

Maybe some old name like Elvisio or OldPal

Name can also finish by "Boy" like BooBoy or BoyBoy

Just name him Megaman or Sans

throwback . spike mcfang.

otherwise wretch n glue

loftier aerations

cue from hospitals . phlebotanist ...


bateth ? muta viserill  or random fav movie ..


Well, I have no idea what I would name him, but I can't wait to see what happens. I'll have to remember on my calendar to write down that Everhood's releasing on "when it's done!".