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Art by: Итуми

I can’t believe two weeks have already passed

We have finished making playtest build and letting some playtesters go through the game

As of writing right now all playtesters haven’t finished yet, mainly because I suspect most of them will play on the weekend, but so far it feels positive as I joined playtesters observing silently.
I’ve been proofreading like crazy these last months but there still seems to show up errors when monitoring some playtesters, but I can assure you it is minor things

I’ve had a lot of help with this aspect and I am sure when final release is coming there will be only minimal errors

Yesterday I figured there is a word called telepathetic which really means you are bad at telepathy while correct intended spelling is telepathic, the word telepathetic really just sounds like a joke but really hard to spot the difference when reading.

We have already made substantial progress on the game even after the build was finished, it is said the best code is written outside of planning and it is true. When we are done with intended features we tend to look for adding that little extra detail that just doesn’t make sense to make, but it is that detail that makes the whole product

In a way I could work on Everhood for another year, but I am determined this will get out on time without feature creeping and mainly because we have promised a date and we are sticking to it, I am confident we got something good

Unless the other playtesters got some horrible news or opinions..

Spore creation by: Sawn

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I am SO EXCITED! It sounds like everything is going to plan, and it sounds like it's going to be fun.