Game release postponed

Game release is postponed

Unfortunately we have to postpone the release for Q4

We know you been waiting, it sucks, we know

But we want to be transparent with you 

It is not because of any development issues or problems that have occurred during playtesting, though some problems have appeared but we are confident we can solve them in time.

We reached out to marketing firms that focus primarily on games and we got the advice that if we can, we should postpone the game to 2021 Q1 mainly due other big budget games tend to release during Q4.

Some of you might ask that it shouldn’t really compete with a game like Everhood, it has nothing todo with Cyberpunk 2077 or assassin creed valhalla?

Yes, that is true but they also take up spots which leaves less chance of us getting any traction.

From that perspective it makes sense, and we are in a position that we can wait with the release as we haven’t put our entire savings on this project and we could if we wanted work for a very long time, but we feel we want to release what we have as soon as possible.

I hope you understand our decision as we also want to release the game, but rather than pushing ourselves into a finish line when we know that the game could do _better_ if released later we rather wait that extra time and focus on polishing the game.

This is not something we will change our mind as we have already confirmed this with other partners and adjusted our schedule.

We know some of you already feel that we can take as long as we need to, it is nice to hear
But we also want to release the game as we want you to experience it!

We are very happy to know that we have a community who is looking forward to playing this game and is reading these news and supporting us with motivation through discord or through twitter.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us in discord in the “ask-the-devs” and we will be looking at them and most likely answering them aswell.

On brighter news is that
We will be putting our efforts in having a custom battle editor alongside release and see if there is anything else we can make within the extra time we have gotten to squeeze in a few extra stuff.

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Well, that's unfortunate, but it's also a fun bonus period! Now you can add some of the goofy endgame ideas that you had to refute because of development time! I think this a very good decision, and personally I like the idea of the game releasing in January or February a lot better than November or December. Good luck! I'll be waiting!