Re-evaluating the game!

Artwork by: LiboLiberator
We have started looking more into how to adjust more of the core-problem we encountered that we did not feel we had time to adjust even if were good suggestions.

Mostly all playtesters have reported they enjoyed the game except for a few parts, some are major things to tackle but mostly minor stuff.

So we have decided to take on a major part and see if we can get that to a state that feels better, I am sure we are able to tackle it and it will only take a few months, I usually have a tendency to underestimate how long something actually takes(rare in the industry!).

We have also gotten some help from several people doing things for us for free for Everhood, I don’t want to name call them here but they will all be mentioned in the credits when the game is released, I hope you know that it is very appreciated.

Me and Jordi have done most of the game but there are many parts that I don’t think we could have done alone and I am very grateful to have the Everhood in the quality it is right now, even thou the game is currently broken as we are fixing some stuff :)

Artwork by: Rose Srz(

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Woohoo! That's great to hear. I hope you find the result you're satisfied with, and it's nice to see a community come together...even though I'm usually the only one on these posts. Either way, good luck!