Everhood will be released as a full game!

We have decided to continue the development of Everhood! We have received a lot of positive feedback on the game and it’s been very fun to spectate how players were playing the game.

What to expect

The game continues with its abstract and mysterious narrative and continue to push the unexpected and pointless shenanigans but also remain as a compact experience rather than an outstretched.

We will always look for innovative ideas that fits within the frames of Everhood :)

So... you can expect very big things!

Purpose of vertical slice

The biggest criticism of the vertical slice is that it was to short. The main idea has always been to make an epic and innovative game experience. That is why we did this vertical slice to try out the water. This process still took around 4-5 months to make. We learned a lot during this process and will rework some technical aspects and try to make a bigger marketing effort (This part is hard so help us).

Making the full game will take a long time and we won’t promise release date right now.


Throughout the development, we will be posting continuous updates whenever we feel we have something interesting or fun to show off,


 Don’t expect daily updates but maybe monthly ones.

There might be some minor spoilers but I think it might just make you appreciate the effort we are putting in :)

...So, here we are, at the beginning of this epic journey!

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very fun i am gonna get the full game when it comes out.

EDIT: just beat the game and whoa its awesome buy the game, trust me you wont refund it.