How Everhood battles are made

First devlog!

I feel I really want to showcase how battles are handled in Everhood to get a sense of what tools we are working with.

This workflow is amazing.

Usually first we make a song (or find a song) and possibly try to concept a character that fits into story and the battle.

To actually make the battle notes we place all the notes in a software called Moonscraper which we then export out as a .txt file that gets imported into Unity and plays out the notes is similar fashion but with gamelogic attached.

You can expect that we will try to innovate in these areas and make battles will look different, but for this showcase we wanted to keep it quite simple :) 

I have recorded the entire process with no speed adjustments.
I did not include the except character  and music creation for this video.

It’s almost 20 min long but not bad making almost an entire battle sequence.

Enjoy! :) 

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Sheesh, you guys do it by ear to generate the notes.  It doesn't look like you can read the waves on the board either from the sound.  I guess it makes sense you guys don't have access to "beat saber" level of auto generation to speed up the process, but I didn't realize how much repetition was involved.  But you do ensure quality this way, so I can see why it would be done this way.