2019 & How pixel animations are made & What we been up to!

2019 is here to stay for another year!

We have been working hard even if it been holidays. Seeing comments and feedback have really boosted us to make this into a real quality game! 

I find it a bit hard to be able to engage with the community with a product like this, it's not like we can go in a test server and jump around, but I hope once we start getting back making levels we can start sharing high-end ideas (small but crucial details)

Jordi has been working mainly on last changes for Everhood 2.0 logic handling to minimize bugs and saving parameters (whatever that really implies no one knows except Jordi!)

I have mostly been making tons of music and fleshing out more story parts that will not put too much workload on Jordi.
I been feeling like this guy, got a few photoshop-files with a bunch of arrows pointing with vague namings like ESCAPE, ENCOUNTER or FALL

Image result for meme crazy conspiracy theory map meme

I bet most story writers go through that feeling, very inspiring! 
We are having more guidelines than hard milestones about all features, we are working very agile as the tech world likes to call it.

At the beginning of the discord channel, there was a lot of discussion around speedrunning which was an unexpected and cool surprise!

We don't want to change the game because of this but it certainly made us think within some new circles.
One idea that we will start testing out soon is Running.  How is activated we are still testing. But I made a crude animation and filmed the progress how I make pixel animations in photoshop, I wouldn't say I am super happy with results but getting things out there is more important than quality animation. I have used Photoshop for lots of pixel art games such as Hammerwatch, Serious Sam's Bogus Detour and a bunch of smaller freelance jobs. I recommend looking into pixel art collection here if it sparked your curiosity :)

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There's no emojis here, how am I supposed to express myself!?

I love reading dev logs, haha. Almost more than I like actually playing games. Can't wait for the levels one! The issue with the running animation is my eyes is that he looks like he's sitting on a horse in the profile one; there's not much of a sense that his legs are switching places, but rather, his front leg seems to be pumping up and down while his back leg just disappears every second frame.I thought it had two frames until I watched the worklapse at 0.25 speed! It was very cool to watch thou! I will learn from this <3