Everhood and LUFS


Many people complained that the music was sometimes too loud.

This was another issue of the vertical slice, we left many player ears fatigued.
Here is a quick update to let you know that we are working on that!
More precisely, on LUFS.

What is LUFS?

LUFS stand for Loudness units relative to full scale.
With this unit we can measure how loud the volume is in our game. This is very helpful  as it serves us to adjust these epic loudness spikes and make sure to not explode our player ears, unintentionally :P


We will need to record some gameplay and measure with a loudness meter tool our average LUFS.

Here is how it would look like in an external tool 

With these results, it will be far easier for us to know where spikes are and fix them.

In summary, no more mistreated ears for the full version :D


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