Everhood and the art of cleaning


As Everhood is getting closer to polishment phase, I decided to improve performance and bring better tools!


This will likely never happen because Everhood performance is exceptional!
But let’s bring my ego down because the game is not finished. There will surely be some performance drop (or not :P).
Our mission is to be able to intercept them before the game release.
Here is the profiler!

The profiler

Profiler is a very helpful unity tool that helps you optimize your game.
There you can analyze the performance of the GPU, CPU, memory, rendering, and audio.

Without getting too much on the technical side the rules are simple.
spike = bad thing is happening.
By spike I mean this :

Here is a more extreme case where your pc will burn : 


Better tools

To be able to maximize the design of new iterations and release more creativity we always try to revaluate our tools to see if they are being used to their best.
Currently we are also investigating if our gameplay battle tool will be improved

In summary you can expect amazing unexpected 60 fps content!


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